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Friends of Burma, Inc. Newsletter Spring 2017

Over many years, Friends of Burma has been capably assisted by so many leaders who have given sacrificially to their people.  One of these is Rev. Erville Porwy, whose several reports are in this newsletter. Rev. Erville (named for Neil’s father) has now come to retirement, and is handing over the leadership of PMSKBA (Pathein Myaungmya Sgaw Karen Baptist Association) to Thra Moo Ler Gay.  We hope to have many years of cooperation and service under this new leadership. Best wishes to Rev. Erville for a happy and productive retirement. Christmas Gifts By the grace of God, FOB gave 8 alternative Christmas gifts. We appointed five people in Burma to choose someone to receive those gifts and here is one of the reports. Saw Gaw Say  lives in Tha Bye Kyine village, which was affected by Nargis Cyclone in 2008. He has skills in carpentry and fishing. He has five children, the elder two daughters are staying with their relatives as domestic workers. The younger 3 are attending the school