Looking for a board member

Dear Friend of Friends of Burma, Inc.,

Friends of Burma, Inc is an incorporated 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization. It is governed by a sixteen member board that meets once a year alternating between Peoria (Phoenix, AZ) and Fort Wayne, IN. Between meetings motions are voted on by e-mail.

One of our board members has elected not to run again so we are looking for a board member. Terms are for five years.

The board is a mixture of Burmese and White Americans, Middle aged and old. Oops, senior citizens!

Most board members support FOB financially unless they contribute a needed skill. We are looking for a board member very interested in helping the Burmese. Since all of our board members are over 40, a younger person might be of special interest.

FOB has no stipend for the board members, as our organization is almost completely volunteer. You have the gratitude of the Burmese people for what you do. Board members travel to the annual meeting at their own expense.

So, if you are interested …

Friends of Burma, Inc. Newsletter Spring 2019

Friends of Burma Annual Report 2018

"Pure unsoiled religion in the judgment of God the Father means this: to care for *orphans and widows in their trouble….." (James 1:27) *As in Matthew, the word implies personal service and help. [James Moffatt translation.]

When Friends of Burma first began in 1985, we focused on higher education primarily. In the 1990's the Karen Baptist Convention (KBC) began operating orphanages for the many children who were products of unrest in Karen and Shan states, and for children of very poor villages. Thus, FOB began supporting orphans.

We now support nine childcare centers under the KBC, one under the supervision of the Loikaw Baptist church, and one long time independent facility in Taunggyi, which was originally started by 3 sisters. Although there are other donors who give support, our support is crucial for the continued survival of the KBC facilities. Here is a success story for one of the orphans.

Naw Esther, first arrived at the orphanage on June 1, 1998 and began sch…

Friends of Burma, Inc. Newsletter Fall 2018

Friends of Burma, Inc. Newsletter Spring 2018

Friends of Burma Annual Report 2017

We are now entering our 33rd year with one part time financial secretary in Burma (Myanmar) and a hard working core of volunteers here and in Burma.  Our board of sixteen is all volunteers.  Several have visited Burma and helped carry out our work there. We are small but do important work.

Report from Thanda who FOB helped train in Singapore in Music.

I just simply would like to update about my ministry. By God’s grace and guidance, I can overcome another year of teaching ministry after I graduated from Singapore Bible College. For the academic year of 2017-18, we have 18 students who join for Certificate of Church Music and another 4 students who take Diploma course. Through the ups and downs, we all went through the process of preparing them to be a useful instrument for their future ministry. Last year we could present Christmas Cantata in our own dialect (which is composed by the local composer) to the Churches in Tharyarwady and Pathein Division. We were very glad that we could be…

Friends of Burma, Inc. Newsletter, A Special Edition from Yangon, Fall 2017

The Music that Adorns Churches
by Adam Maung
Since I came back to Myanmar last year, I have been attending the same church where I was baptized on Insein seminary hill. Amazingly enough a lot within the church building - the pews, the lightings, the banner, etc. -  have remained the same for the past 25 years!
However, the one noticeable transformation is a beautiful choir music by seminary students. The beautiful voices, nicely arranged music, a polished piano all add to a wonderful worship experience.  The person in charge of the choir is my childhood friend Thramu Ta Mla Paw Meh, who is the head of Church Music Department (CMD) at Karen Baptist Theological Seminary (KBTS).  Some of you may recall that FOB has supported her and her department periodically in the past.  One weekend afternoon I decided to visit my longtime friend Thramu Ta Mla Paw Meh and her program.

About 20 years ago, KBTS introduced CMD, and it has since made a significant impact to church music in the Karen commun…