Friends of Burma, Inc. Newsletter Fall 2022

Fund Raising for Matthew 25 Clinic On June 11,2022, our FOB Co-founder, Diana Sowards ran a 100-meter race for the age group of 80-84 in Evansville, Indiana, Senior Games and got a medal. She started training for the race in December 2021 at the YMCA. She is an amazing woman. There was a fund raising project for a large generator for the Matthew 25 Love clinic in Pathein. Due to an outpouring of love and affection, $9,970 was raised.  It went toward the $15,000 needed for this clinic - which functions as a hospital - making it possible to have power during surgery. Matthew 25 was facing a hard time because power shortage due to the country's situation.  The fund was quickly transferred to Pathein. Please be sure to read the feedback from the clinic in the next page to see what a blessing.  Diana just wishes she could run a race for other great needs for IDP children who are living in the jungle on the borders of India and Thailand.  Thank you very much Diana for such an inspiratio

Friends of Burma Annual Report 2021

Friends of Burma, Inc.   548 Home Ave. Ft. Wayne, IN 46807 Tel. 260-745-3658, Email: Website: , Blog: E-Newsletters: This has been a terrible year for Myanmar. The country has been plunged into a civil war, unseen since 1948, because of the takeover in February of the democratically elected government by the military.  Therefore, when Friends of Burma would ordinarily be sending donations primarily for education, instead we have sent thousands of dollars for humanitarian efforts, both for medical  and for shelter and food. We have sent over $50,000 to keep the two hospitals we support open when most of the other 34 hospitals in Yangon are closed.  We have sent $21,745 for medical supplies, including oxygen tanks and oxygen concentrators and food.  We have sent $33,825 to help IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons who have been forced to flee from the Burmese Army.) We ga

$50 Christmas Gifts Program

Dear Friend and Donor to the needy people in Burma, In our Fall newsletter we forgot to remind people of our previous project, the giving of $50 Christmas gifts.  As you know, the political situation and Covid-19 in Burma have put previously borderline needy people into dire straits.  The volunteers distributing these gifts benefit greatly from participating in this program and the recipients have expressed their great relief and gratitude.  These are responses from previous years:  2020 ,  2019 . If any of you want to participate in this we invite you to send checks for $50 or Paypal, or Zelle for this purpose. Donate here . In Christ’s Service, Neil Sowards

Friends of Burma, Inc. Newsletter Fall 2021

Proverbs 28:28 (NIV) – “When the wicked rise to power, people go into hiding; …” The situation in Burma is the worst we have seen since 1985. When people write to us about the sky above Yangon filling with the smoke of the crematoriums, we bow our heads in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Burma.  Not only are they in fear of the corona virus, but they are also in fear of the junta and its supporters who took power on Feb. 1, 2021.  As of this writing, more than 900 innocent civilians have been cruelly murdered, but also 6,000 plus people have been arrested and incarcerated in prisons.  Please be aware of what is happening in Burma.  Share with your churches and your friends.  Please support Friends of Burma as we endeavor to meet the dire needs of the IDP's, the refugees, the sick, the wounded, and the children who are suffering.  Please pray for Burma!  Neil and Diana Sowards, Founders, Friends of Burma (FOB) KBC Hospital Faithfully Serving Amid Unprecedented Challenges Thes

Friends of Burma, Inc. Newsletter Spring 2021

 "A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed." Proverbs 11:25 We can’t thank you enough for all you have supported in this time of need in Myanmar. Because of your kindness and concern, lives are being transformed daily through the power of Jesus Christ. These are a paraphrase of words from our friend, Rev. Donovan Coley who is the leader of the Rescue Mission here in Ft. Wayne. He is much more eloquent than we are. Military Coup and Ongoing Protests On February 1, 2021, Myanmar’s military overthrew the democratically elected parliament and took over running the government. Perhaps they were surprised by the landslide victory of the National League for Democracy (NLD). Perhaps they have also been surprised at the overwhelming resistance to this action. Since then, the citizens have taken to the streets and the airwaves to defy the military. There have been shootings and all of it is documented by the younger generation in spite of obstacles pu

Thank you for your response

Dear Faithful Supporter of Friends of Burma, Inc. Thank you for your positive response to our e-mail.  You all gave enough to support the KBC Hospital for several months at this time of great need.  Most of the patients arriving have been turned away by other hospitals which are now closed or filled.  Fully half of the patients are completely indigent and unable to pay anything towards their treatment. We have received a report from Naw Htoo Khu Paw. We will share one of the stories with you below. Each of you should feel good about responding to needs of people who, without your help, would either die or suffer a lot. We hope the virus crisis will pass soon in Burma but I fear I am overly optimistic. The situation with the doctors and nurses protesting the change in government does not seem to be resolving itself.  With many medical personnel locked up, hospitals are closing, putting more and more patients seeking help from KBC Hospital. I hope you will watch the cameo pictures of pat

Special updates on Burma

Dear Faithful Supporter of Friends of Burma, Inc. There has been a military coup in Myanmar (Burma) that has overthrown the lawful government of Aung San Suu  Kyi.  There have been anti military demonstrations resulting in injuries. Plus covid cases.  The result is that the hospitals in Yangon have been overwhelmed with patients.  Some hospitals have been forced to close for lack of personnel.  Other hospitals have run out of space in their halls and are turning people away. The result is they are coming in large numbers to the KBC Hospital in Insein which we have supported.  We gave that hospital $8,000 in October to help them deal with the Corona Virus crisis.  That money came from undesignated funds that had accumulated during the year. We have received an e-mail requesting more money for medicine, and other supplies to help them deal with the crisis at the KBC Hospital in Insein. We disbursed all our reserves at the October Annual Meeting of Friend