Friends of Burma, Inc. Newsletter Spring 2017

Over many years, Friends of Burma has been capably assisted by so many leaders who have given sacrificially to their people.  One of these is Rev. Erville Porwy, whose several reports are in this newsletter. Rev. Erville (named for Neil’s father) has now come to retirement, and is handing over the leadership of PMSKBA (Pathein Myaungmya Sgaw Karen Baptist Association) to Thra Moo Ler Gay.  We hope to have many years of cooperation and service under this new leadership. Best wishes to Rev. Erville for a happy and productive retirement.
Christmas Gifts By the grace of God, FOB gave 8 alternative Christmas gifts. We appointed five people in Burma to choose someone to receive those gifts and here is one of the reports.

Saw Gaw Say lives in Tha Bye Kyine village, which was affected by Nargis Cyclone in 2008. He has skills in carpentry and fishing. He has five children, the elder two daughters are staying with their relatives as domestic workers. The younger 3 are attending the school at Pri…

Friends of Burma, Inc. (FOB) Annual Report for 2016

We have just completed another meaningful year with the faithful help of our dedicated donors. We had a direct and profound effect on over three hundred and ninety three individuals who received scholarships. One hundred and twenty two orphans received support. Hundreds more were helped with medicine and medical care through our work with the KBC Hospital in Insein, Matthew 25 Hospital at Pathein and free neighborhood clinics. We partnered with other organizations aiding them by getting their money into Burma (Myanmar). Some of our work is hard to measure. We give grants each year to forty five Bible Schools and Seminaries which they can use any way they want for development, scholarships, etc. In 2016 FOB raised $22,910 for medical support.
In Burma admission to medical schools is based on the student’s scores on the Matriculation tests. Usually those with high scores are from rich families who can give their children extensive tutoring. But once in a while a brilliant student from …

Friends of Burma, Inc. Newsletter Fall 2016

We always like to remind our donors that we continue to be an all volunteer organization. While NGO's in Rangoon have workers who live in fancy hotels and receive pay in the range of $2,000 per month, Friends of Burma has only one lone person who lives at home and makes sure that donations get to the right place. Our helper is someone who lives there and knows the situation, better than someone who comes in from Sweden or the USA.

Our board member, Michele Kessler, spent 40 hours working on the mandated government forms, the 990, which must be submitted every year for 501(c)3 charities. This form was 40 pages long and required that we tell in detail what donations we received and how they were distributed. Although we're small, we give you, the donors, the biggest bang for your buck. Thanks to Michele, and previously to Jim Tompkins, for the hard work they did for FOB. We thank you all. Diana Sowards
A Letter from Tansy After nine years, I received the opportunity to visit my …

Friends of Burma, Inc. Newsletter Spring 2016

We are thankful for the opportunity to work together with friends from the U.S.A to help meet the needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ in Burma. The Lord has been great to us and we want to highlight some of the success stories as well as a new initiative for supporting orphan students who finish high school and plan to attend college or trade schools.

Lightning for Learning

Back in January, 2016, FOB was approached by a dynamic, mission oriented, family in Tacoma, Washington. This family of mother, father, son, and daughter, were actively raising funds to allow those graduates of the Childcare Centers who had successfully matriculated (passed the final secondary school testing) to continue attending college or trade schools.

This family has given concerts, run races, and solicited donations for these outstanding students. They call themselves Lightning for Learning. In April, Friends of Burma sent the first $4,500 for the further education of 10 of these young people. This is $…

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