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Friends of Burma Annual Report 2020

It has been a hard year with the virus both here and in Burma. Many of our donors have been amazing, increasing their support to really help in this difficult time. We had our Annual Meeting of Friends of Burma (FOB) in Peoria, AZ in October with six attending in person and twelve by Zoom.  So we got reports from Burma and we got to meet our new Financial Secretary, Dr. Fom Men, by Zoom.  After eight years of service Russ Kadoe resigned for health reasons and we were very fortunate in finding Dr. Fom Men whose husband teaches at MIT.  Russ really helped her understand the job and she took the reins with a minimum of problems. Thanks to so many donors saying, "use where most needed," we were able to help KBC Hospital and Matthew 25 Love Hospital with money so they could take the very necessary steps to deal with the virus. We have sixteen board members who deserve our applause for their activism and commitment to the goals of FOB.  John Peterson continued to spread the word am