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Friends of Burma, Inc. Newsletter Fall 2023

Dear our partners and friends, may the wisdom and blessings of the Fall Season be with you. As the brilliance of fall foliage is all around us, we are in many ways reminded to reflect on what we had sowed and relish those that have ripened and come to fruition, while also being aware of the need to let go to give way to new beginnings. Together with you, we have been able to brighten and give some hope to the people of Burma, struggling through one of the most challenging times in its history. While the troubles seem never-ending for them, we are humble to witness how they are blessed with resilience and perseverance. And for that, FOB is grateful to be part of the blessings. Your love, care and support are greatly appreciated, and we are convinced more than ever that your continuing support is increasingly essential for those in dire needs. In Romans 12:12, it reads “be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Let us continue to bring hope, share the pain and pray r