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Friends of Burma Annual Report 2023

FRIENDS OF BURMA ANNUAL REPORT 20 23 548 Home Ave. Ft. Wayne, IN 46807 neildianasowards@ gmail .com ( 260 ) 745-3658   “SOME VILLAGERS ARE EATING PIG FEED”  (Free Burma Rangers) “PEOPLE ARE DIVIDING PAIN PILLS INTO 4 PIECES AND SHARING” F.M. Sorting supplies for refugees (IDPs) Dear Friends and Supporters of Friends of Burma, The comments above are some of the things that are being conveyed to us about the situation in Burma.  This has been a year of great suffering for many people.  There is a civil war going on between the military and long time ethnic armies, joined by volunteers from the cities and villages.  If this is not bad enough, the military has been paying people to form militias to fight against the Peoples’ Defense Forces (PDFs).  This will have long term consequences because it is neighbor fighting neighbor.  There is little prospect for a cessation of fighting. Living arrangement for IDPs Since this is happening, the long time focus of FOB (th