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Friends of Burma Annual Report 2022

Friends of Burma, Inc.   548 Home Ave. Ft. Wayne, IN 46807 Tel. 260-745-3658, Email: Website: , Blog: E-Newsletters: Recently I was reading ProPublica, a news station, on my computer. They were talking about how to evaluate a nonprofit before you donate. Although we are a small charity, we are proud of careful handling of the money our donors send us. Here are some of the ways to evaluate us. Look at our 990 form filed online . Check our IRS status.  We are a 501(C)(3) charity and all donations are tax deductable. Program spending:  Check our website to see how your donations are being spent. Professional fund raising.  FOB spends no money on professional fund raising. Executive Salaries.  All work in the U. S. is done by volunteers who receive no compensation.  They also spend their own money to attend our Annual Meeting.  We do have a paid Financial Secretary in Burma