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Looking for a board member

Dear Friend of Friends of Burma, Inc., Friends of Burma, Inc is an incorporated 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization. It is governed by a sixteen member board that meets once a year alternating between Peoria (Phoenix, AZ) and Fort Wayne, IN. Between meetings motions are voted on by e-mail. One of our board members has elected not to run again so we are looking for a board member. Terms are for five years. The board is a mixture of Burmese and White Americans, Middle aged and old. Oops, senior citizens! Most board members support FOB financially unless they contribute a needed skill. We are looking for a board member very interested in helping the Burmese. Since all of our board members are over 40, a younger person might be of special interest. FOB has no stipend for the board members, as our organization is almost completely volunteer. You have the gratitude of the Burmese people for what you do. Board members travel to the annual meeting at their own expense. So, if you are