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Dear Faithful Supporter of Friends of Burma, Inc.

There has been a military coup in Myanmar (Burma) that has overthrown the lawful government of Aung San Suu  Kyi.  There have been anti military demonstrations resulting in injuries. Plus covid cases.  The result is that the hospitals in Yangon have been overwhelmed with patients.  Some hospitals have been forced to close for lack of personnel.  Other hospitals have run out of space in their halls and are turning people away.


The result is they are coming in large numbers to the KBC Hospital in Insein which we have supported.  We gave that hospital $8,000 in October to help them deal with the Corona Virus crisis.  That money came from undesignated funds that had accumulated during the year.

We have received an e-mail requesting more money for medicine, and other supplies to help them deal with the crisis at the KBC Hospital in Insein.

We disbursed all our reserves at the October Annual Meeting of Friends of Burma, Inc.  In the past we have only asked for donations in our three newsletters but these are unusual times and we are taking this new step to ask those who receive our newsletter via e-mail if they could respond to this appeal.  We have 368 on our e-mail list.  If each could give something, it will be a big help to the hard pressed hospital in Burma.  

Even though the hospital is located in the very back of the property of the Karen Baptist Theological Institute, it was said, at the bicentennial celebration, “Every taxi driver in Yangon knows the location of the KBC hospital” so they are bringing desperate people with no place else to go.

So please help as you are able.


In Christ’s Service,
Neil Sowards

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