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Dear Faithful Supporter of Friends of Burma, Inc.

Thank you for your positive response to our e-mail.  You all gave enough to support the KBC Hospital for several months at this time of great need.  Most of the patients arriving have been turned away by other hospitals which are now closed or filled.  Fully half of the patients are completely indigent and unable to pay anything towards their treatment.

We have received a report from Naw Htoo Khu Paw. We will share one of the stories with you below.

Each of you should feel good about responding to needs of people who, without your help, would either die or suffer a lot.

We hope the virus crisis will pass soon in Burma but I fear I am overly optimistic.

The situation with the doctors and nurses protesting the change in government does not seem to be resolving itself.  With many medical personnel locked up, hospitals are closing, putting more and more patients seeking help from KBC Hospital.

I hope you will watch the cameo pictures of patients you have helped and realize each of you are part of the solution and not part of the problem.

In Christ’s Service,

Neil Sowards

Sent by the KBC Hospital:

On February 22, 2021, my mom and I were hit by a motor cycle, and both of us were seriously injured.

We lived in Maw Be Township, which is near Yangon. Villagers tried to send us to different hospitals (military and private hospitals), but they did not accept us. We had to go around for more than 4 hours. Finally, my uncle called KBC hospital, and the staff replied that they would try their best.

Due to our conditions (Mom's - cervical fracture and head injury, Me - Leg fracture), it was not easy for the hospital to accept us. But they tried their best and did many investigations. Mom's condition was not easy to accept but they took risk and accept her. 

For me, the hospital called a specialist, and within 3 hours they were able to do an operation. The specialist mentioned that if the operation was not done within 8  hours my bone fracture could get infections.

As Mom is a minister, we could not afford much to pay for the operation. 

Then the responsible person from KBC hospital arranged things for us 

After the operation finished well, one of the staff came and told me about how the hospital saved my life and did their best for me.

Now I can smile, I can talk with no more pain.

Mum is not very well yet, but the doctor said she will be fine.

Please pray for her

As I am a child, I do not know who supports me but the hospital told me about them.

Thanks to all the well wishers who supported me. You all have saved my life and mom’s life. Mom has to be in the operation theater because of cervical fracture and head injury on the 25th of February.

Now you all saved my mom's life. 


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